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Mountain Landscape

Our water free incineration toilet Cinderella comfort is Cinderella Eco groups latest concept for cottages in holiday homes, renowned for its sustainable and environmentally friendly design, and performance, with no polluting emissions. Comfort comes with a closed system, which creates a better indoor environment and doesn’t affect the temperature of the room with the toilet installed. Cinderella comfort also comes with an LCD display that shows notifications and operational status at all times.


We named this model “comfort” because it provides a safe, comfortable and user-friendly experience compared to other incineration toilets on the market. The comfort has a closed air system where fresh air for the incineration process is supplied via a separate air pipe, which provides a significantly better indoor climate. This prevents the room temperature from dropping in order to avoid conflict with other air- dependent insulations, such as kitchen, ventilation fans, fireplaces, and woodburning stoves.


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