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Mountain Landscape

Cinderella freedom is propane-powered water, free incineration toilet that incinerates all toilet waste at high temperatures, producing a minimal amount of sterile ash. It is specifically adapted for areas with limited or no access to electricity. As with all Cinderella echo group toilets, Cinderella freedom doesn’t require water or sewage, Saving, costly sewage connections. The toilet is easy to install and comes with an easy-to-use LCD display, which provides notifications and alerts when the ash container is full and should be emptied. The display can be sent to seven different languages. 


Cinderella's freedom is based on the same high-quality that characterizes the comfort model, but he uses propane gas instead of electricity to Power the in-Center ration process. This means that Cinderella freedom incinerating toilets may be used in all areas where gas is preferred. It is also suitable for most vacation homes in other areas without electric power. It only requires 12 VDC to run the control panel and ventilation fan.


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