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Many are familiar with Cinderella incinerating toilets designed for transportation options, such as RVs, houses, and campers, under the name motion. Cinderella travel represents a totally new way to handle waste, easily, without the hassle of emptying in designated areas. The toilets are designed and produced in Norway, known for their longevity and high quality with excellent capacity and sustainable, ecological design without polluting outcomes. Cinderella travel provides a hygienic and easy way to dispose of toilet ways safely either on the road or on water. 


Cinderella Travel was first launched on the market as “Cinderella motion” in 2013, as a further product development from the popular incineration toilets provided by Cinderella Eco group, which have been available since 1997. Environmentally friendly Travel does not require electrical power and uses only LPG and 12V control power.

Travel Toilet

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